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“Every soul has a journey that is separate from the physical experience.

Our souls care not about time, nor space. The souls purpose is to simply be… To be love, to be enlightenment… To catapult you towards growth.

Like a wild but beautiful beast, that cannot be tamed. Representing our truest nature and our truest form. Using the human body as a vessel, which eventually must be returned to the earth.

Our souls continuing on… Now and forever more.” – Aisha J. Washington

Writer, Blogger, Author, Mental Health Professional and Empath

Through this site you will be challenged to question many beliefs that you have held previously.

If you have stumbled across my site, you may have already begun to question things that you seek clarity on.

I am forever grateful for the immense love and knowledge that our source, our God has bestowed upon me. I want to share that same love and knowledge with you.

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The art of writing, speaking and engaging with others!

Its is not always what you say, but how you say it… This could not hold more truth.

After publishing my first book, I decided to help others to navigate the process. I broke down the steps in a way that made it almost easier then making grilled cheese sandwiches.

The truth of the matter is, it’s all in the words and phrases… I found that most people had a great story but they did not know how to put the words together in a way that would captivate their reader and make them want to continue to read their work!

The meaning behind the words:

When you are writing your goal should not just be to share information with your reader… No, you also want to be aware of how what you are saying will make them feel!

Feelings… The one thing that we all have, and cannot change. Some of us preferring suspense, drama and sometimes romance. Triggering a response in the brain and the body… Focusing on how what you are saying will evoke a physical response, should always be the goal.

If my work has not made you want to do one of the following… Then I have not done my job, as far as I’m concerned!

1. Grab a tissue, cause here come the water works!… Some of the most moving pieces are the one’s that bring you to tears.

2. Pee your pants laughing, or at least provide a little chuckle.(humor)

3. Smiling uncontrollably from ear to ear, because what you read made you happy.

When a reader finds a good book… One that evokes feeling, helps them to learn and grow in some capacity… They are more likely to reference your work time and time again and share it with others!

– Author of Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story

Other considerations-

Some people simply do not like to read! preferring to instead, listen. Your book should always be in at least two formats… preferably three! (Paperback, Ebook and Audio book)

Meet people where they are! Allowing them to gain access to what you are sharing, in all available formats.

  • Paperback- for the reader and collector of intriguing work
  • Ebook- For the on the go readers!
  • Audio book for reader’s who prefer to not read at all!

Podcasting allows you to access listeners who may want to listen to (audio book) or read (paperback or Ebook) your work. It allows you an outline to not just talk about your work but to also talk about other things that you are passionate about.

Your words will draw the reader from where they are right into the scene as you create it.

The power to relocate thousands from around the world to one place in time, as you detail and describe what is happening; is a power that cannot be matched in any other artistic form.

– Author of Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story

Then the most important part that I would be remise to miss… Is to LOVE what you are working on. Only write about things that you are passion about and allow your passion to be the driving force.

Everything else falls into submission when passion is involved.

First published book

(Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story) which can be found on Amazon/ Kindle.

When you allow a romance to form between the reader and your book… As they form a relationship and bond with your characters, it makes them want to continue to follow your work.

In recap: What feeling are you eliciting from your readers? Are you giving your writing justice by the way that you are describing what is happening?

Some elicit ghost writers to write their work for them to ensure that the wording, phrasing and flow are working out the way that they desire.

After publishing my first book, I began helping others to write their own work. Ghost writing and editing to ensure the flow, feel and overall depiction of what was desired to be portrayed; was!

This assistance lands me $100 an hour, sometimes more.

I love writing and always have. Now I let my passion earn me an income… A side income at that, as I work in the mental health field by day and write by night!

Writing and speaking are great ways to market whatever venture that you are in at any given time. When I speak on my podcast station, I don’t write it out in advance. I don’t rehearse or try to figure out what I will say. I choose a topic and within minutes, I am recording!

I let what I am wanting to say be said, without getting caught up in the logistics… It’s the message that matters!

Do you consider yourself shy?… No worries! I’m sure you are not too shy to stand up for yourself… I’m sure that being shy has not stopping you from confrontation and dispute… Having to express yourself in that moment… It’s passion!

Now take that same passion for a topic or cause that you love… Use it and… Ready, set, go! It’s not just the words (written or expressed through speaking) but the passion behind them.

I love helping writers, authors and aspiring authors! It is my passion and what I enjoy.

Feel free to join me and subscribe for updates. I will be sharing more information about earning an income from podcasts, books, ghost writing, editing and more!

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