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Amira Smith was a college student whose only focus was getting an education and living a fun life, when she met the charismatic charmer Damon Hutcheson. Amira fell in love instantly but would soon regret meeting Damon when chaos began filling her life. Amongst the strange occurrences that were happening when in Damon’s presence; the blackouts, the near- death experiences and the dark entity that began following her around, wherever she went. There was also an abundance of new gifts that she began to have.

Amira sought to figure out how she was connected to Damon and why she was forced back to him repeatedly, despite her efforts to escape him.

While Amira was enjoying the psychic gifts that she learned that she had, she was not prepared to have to use them to save anyone; until her best friend Tracey came up missing one evening. Amira learns that if she is going to save her best friend, she must agree to surrender to forces that she had been trying to avoid.

Amira soon learns as she gets closer to finding Tracey, that things are not as they appear. The energy that Amira and Damon were able to manifest when together would be put to good use, but there are lessons to be learned for all involved.

After learning of the sinister meaning behind what was happening, Amira believes that life is going back to normal when the dark entity again returns. This time, he won’t be going away; until he has fulfilled his mission. Karma, past lives and one soul split in two at the beginning of time are just a few cards that were dealt in this unforgettable story.

Urban Garden: Twin Flame trailer is live on YouTube and my author page from Amazon/Kindle.

I will warn that the trailer is a spoiler for the first few chapters and although suspenseful it is only the tip of the iceberg before Amira learns of her many gifts, the silver cord that ties her to Damon and the forces that seek to keep her connection to Damon and rising powers as a result of the connection at bay. As if her connection to Damon and the dark entity following her around were not enough excitement, she learns that she has a psychic connection to her best friend Tracey, which proves beneficial when Tracey turns up missing one afternoon. Amira learns that in order to save Tracey she must give in to the same dark forces that she was trying to avoid.

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Urban Garden: Twin Flame

What started as a diary about my journey… The love, the chaos and the discovery of the twin flame concept turned into a Novel that is shaking and chilling to those who read it. You will fall in love with the characters and your heart will break as you are taken on the rollercoaster ride that is the twin flame journey. Yet there are equal amounts of humor, love and mystery that will keep you swaying between emotions effortlessly. But, most importantly, you will not want to put this book down.

Exert from Intro:

I hadn’t yet realized the power in thought and intentions… Intentions towards yourself and intentions towards others. I had not learned that love was contagious… and so was sadness… So was pain…

            Learning that my thoughts, feelings and pain… Was manifesting into another, each time that it rose, inside of me. It rose inside of them… Then there was the darkness…

Multiplying and emerging… evolving.

            We didn’t get to choose meeting one another.

            We didn’t get to choose loving one another… and…

            We couldn’t control the chaos that followed the initial contact.

            It was as if the universe was throwing a “bitch fit” when we met… Someone or something was trying to keep us a part… And now as I look back on all that has happened… Maybe the universe was right in trying to keep us a part.

We couldn’t control the people that would be destroyed as a result of this union.

We didn’t even understand the union ourselves or our purpose… A purpose that was more sinister than we could have ever imagined.

A mission that was on a fast track to be fulfilled.

A fast track to destruction…

Common Twin Flame Out of body sex? I am not sure this exert from my book does the actual experience justice but here goes and tell me how I did? I would love feedback and a better way at describing it from others who have been in intimate contact with their twins.

“While in the moment, it felt as if time stood still. There was a moment where everything became dark, then light. We both seemed to disappear and reappear with glimpses of ourselves making love. It was as if we were our own audience enjoying and participating in an elaborate show of affection. There were minutes at a time where I felt separated from my physical body, as if I drifted into a dream and then back to reality.

The reality was the present moment of making love to Damon and then back out of that moment and into another space all over again. I could feel it and see it as if I was watching a movie.

I had frequent and fleeing feelings of making love to myself. Something I had never imagined wanting to do, nor doing… It was as if we had made love before… The way he looked at me… The way he felt… Then when we both climaxed, we laid there and did not speak.

I wasn’t sure what I had just experienced… I wasn’t sure what I should say… How I should feel or what I should do next.

I did not want to touch him again as I lay there… I wasn’t sure what might happen if we so much as kissed again.

This was my first out of body experience… but it would not be my last with him…”

Don’t forget to describe the chaos Aisha! (Readers who have connected with their twins are wondering where the chaos comes in, I’m sure) Trust me! There is plenty of it described in the book and it may match some of your own experiences. Whatever God, angel or demon was in charge of writing my twin flame story has a great sense of humor and an itch for drama and mystery. The Chaos is described in the following chapters before the psychic gifts and real action begin.

Chapters: Here Fishy, Fishy; The Lone Ranger, The Smack Heard Around the World, Showered with Chicken

We did eventually learn why we were both disgusted and in love, but trust me it took many, many, years to come to grips with the fact that we were not in control of our own lives or how the connection made it’s own reality up around us. The book also does a great job of describing out attempts at running and being drawn back together. You will see him running, me running and the universe saying.. Yeah, nice try.

Lets not forget why Twins were ripped in half and separated in the first place??? In several chapters (Tarot Says Hell) is one of the favorites amongst readers, as it describes the energy that seeks to also keep the main characters a part. As if intentionally separating due to not liking how the strong connection feels is not enough, something is drawing these two together and then something else if seeking to keep them a part.

Is there such a thing as free will? That is for you to decide.

Marsa Matroh, Egypt

– Taken my first trip to Egypt. The water was completely see through. It was amazing.

According to Greek Mythology, humans were created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

What happens once they finally find one another? You’ll find out in this tale of two lovers who fight their fate once they have experienced the intensity of such a sacred bond.

– Author of Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story

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Author: Aisha J. Washington

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Urban Garden: Twin Flame

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