Who is the author of The Beautiful Life

The Author of Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story, A mother, a writer, editor, mental health professional and empath.

My love of people and the desire to share what I learned from psychology, spirituality and my own experiences led me to write blogs that could inspire, heal and empower readers.

The demon that is mental health issues, plagues every family in every corner of the world. It was my experience from watching how my mentally ill maternal grandmother and the pain that it caused my mother; that fueled my desire to learn the human mind and human behavior.

What will you learn from my site: Well! I hope that you will stick around to find out. Yet amongst money things we will discuss mental health and wellness. Love, sex, fear, marriage, divorce, child rearing, child birth, soul mates, twin flames, karmic connections, zodiac signs and several other things that I have been blessed to share enlightenment on.

  • As a mother that title holds the most weight for me. Everything that I do and desire to do is for the better good of what will benefit my children.
  • Then there is the satisfaction from genuinely wanting to help and inspire others, which lead me into the mental health and helping profession.

My mission is to help someone… anyone with their path. If I have done that, than I feel fulfilled.

Published by Lee's Mirror

I love the human mind and the human experience. Yet, more intriguing than that! Is the experience of the soul. Writing about what I have learned and what I have seen... Brings me joy. Psychology B.S, M.A, mental health professional and Empath

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