In the Trenches: Twin Flames Exposed

Are you Twinning?

Have you found your souls true half… True North, that sometimes feels like true South. What stage are you in? Are you wondering the same?

In this blog you will find the true nature of the twin flame journey… Exposed.

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Are You Twinning?

Have you found your twin flame?

As a desperate attempt to make sense of the twin flame phenomenon, I frantically went to google and typed in the following “Psychic connection to someone” and “The ability to read someone’s mind”. Feeling completely insane as I typed this… I was pleasantly surprised to find the many resources available to me which outlined the same experiences that others were having, just like me!

My twin was not receptive to the concept at the time, despite the fact that he recognized the strange yet beautiful connection between us. His ego would win the fight against his soul for many years to come.

Sometimes the intensity of the connection made flames blare and emotions spiral!

Yet there were also times when our flame burned dim… To the point, I was unsure as to if we would survive the connection and remain together.

Not realizing at the time, that it was impossible to separate… You can not separate from your own soul.

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

I will tell you that we did eventually reach an equilibrium, where he recognized and acknowledged the connection and even began to call me his twin… Us referring to one another as “twin” became as common as sipping water. At first fearing that I would choke if I even thought to utter that foreign term to my twin. I soon felt comfortable and so did he.

What you have learned thus far and what has lead you to this page… Is the fact that you too feel that you are wrapped up in a twin flame vortex. You may be feeling helpless, hopeless and confused. What is this term that I now so loosely throw around? Is it devil worship? Is it of God? Does God mention twin flames?

These are all questions that I too once asked… I share in my book that is published as a paperback, Ebook and audio book the journey that my twin and I faced. The challenges, the pushing, the pulling, the depression. I felt compelled to share how desperate we were to both separate and make sense of this, while also being drawn back together time and time again.

Do you love your twin more than words can express?… If this is you, let me tell you something… There are no words that can express the connection. There are many twin flame sites which discuss various stages. Ranging from 3 to as many as over two dozen!

From my own personal journey I can tell you some common themes that you will find in any twin flame journey. Simply put… Here goes!

  • The falling for one another
  • The repelling one another
  • The chaser, the runner and then!
  • The universe pushing you back together time and time again
  • Acceptance
  • Surrender
  • Ascension

The pushing and pulling is what many sites term as “the dance”. An exert from my book displays this magnetic push and pull effect in this way:

“There were moments where I genuinely began to not care if we ever spoke again… I could have never imagined being to this point with him, for the first several years after we met. Yet…

When I got to this point… It was like he always knew… How to draw me back in… How to make me fall again… Forgiving, forgetting and then learning… That neither of us had a choice.

It was a dance… We held each other close, dancing around in circles.

Happily, and without care, he would spin me around… casting me out yet holding on, before pulling me back in closer to him. Then casting me out again… Only keeping us in touch by the tip of one hand, joined with the tip of mine… Melancholy coupled with a sense of gratitude.

At least we were still dancing… We had not stopped…” (Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story) which can be found on Amazon/ Kindle.

We had not stopped… as you have not stopped… and cannot stop.

You see… This relationship is something out of your control and beyond any level of comprehension that we could imagine with our minds. We simply do not have the capacity to understand fully the connection nor the purpose.

Here’s what you can rest assured on… It was meant to happen.

No matter where you are in your twin flame journey, rest assured that it is not over… as it could never be over. You and your twin are one in the same. Two sides to the same beautiful coin.

If your twin has not yet accepted this. That too, is ok. Trust the process and most importantly! Never try to force the connection.

There was a time when I did not listen to that tidbit of advice. To me I felt that my twin needed to know that our connection was something special and that he would never find this connection with anyone else. Feeling as if I needed verification from him that he felt the same… I did not.

I eventually learned that focusing on myself and my own well being was what I needed most. I know you may hate when people say that, but please believe me it is true.

When I stopped focusing on my twin and started focusing on what made me happy… He always gravitated back to me naturally.

It was as if the effect of me growing, learning and being happy reflected back on him and drew him back to me.

As twins, please recognize that this connection is rare… It is sacred and it is not by chance. If you are reading this and feel you are in a dance with your twin. Keep dancing.

When you are cast out and held on barely by the tip of your twins fingertip, just know that you will again be pulled back in. That you will continue to dance and when the dance is over. You will return to the arms of the one who loves you… The arms of the one who is love, as you are love and all encompassing.

Continue to be that light that shines bright. The light that won’t dim no matter how dark things can feel at times. I promise you that better days are coming.

As you journey towards ascension you may feel isolated and alone. You may be the only one in your family who has awoken… Just know that you are not alone. That many are also waking, but do not speak of their own experiences.

Through this site you have found a safe place and outline. You can share your experiences and receive support. I am here to answer any questions about the twin flame journey, the soul mate journey and to help with identifying the differences between the two.

A true story about how twin flames fought the odds and managed to come out on top.

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