The Human Avatar: What Religion doesnt want you to know

What if I told you that what you believe yourself to be is just an avatar. That your body which also includes your mind is a vehicle. Your mind being the engine and your body being the car… So who is driving?

There are so many components to the human experience. It takes a great deal of enlightenment to realize that… It is just that! An experience… A brief moment in time.

However, where there is one life there are many… and I’m not talking about different lives lived by different people. I mean different lives that you get to live.

Now why would this need to be a secret… A taboo thought… Here’s the reason…

There is a universal law of order. Of how things should flow and that includes knowledge and understanding.

Have you ever been in a deep conversation with someone and just simply cannot understand why they cannot get the “point” that you are trying to make?

-Some people are just stubborn and can understand but choose to disagree… I am not talking about those people, I am talking about those who seek to understand but are stunted in their ability to reach that level of understanding.

Everyone’s level of understanding and comprehension is different. This is based on many things, to include… Your soul’s age… Their soul’s age… Their current level of understanding.

Imagine putting top secret information in the hands of a toddler… Versus someone who has been trained and experienced in top secret information. The toddler will not understand the information at the same level.

Makes sense?

So then there is religion. Which let me say by the way that I am a believer in God. I have a GREAT relationship with God/ Our source and he has blessed me beyond words. Yet as I have grown in knowledge, I have also grown to understand God’s methods… The strategic planner that he is.

No matter the religion that you may have grown up believing in… Please understand that it is simply a blueprint… A starting point… Everyone starts off taking Biology, then Chemistry and then Physics and advancing further out from those points.

Well, some people get stuck in biology. Some people advance beyond those and comprehend at a different level. Even your level of understanding is strategically planned by God… As if a veil being removed at each stage of soul advancement.

The Avatar

Your body is your avatar…. Your soul is the driver!

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mahdis mousavi

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Blown away yet? Or still with me?

It really is a blessing that our souls return to our bodies time and time again to operate us, as we navigate through life.

Many natives and even those who practice Islam believe that the soul leaves the body each night and returns to heaven. Before we wake, our soul then returns to us.

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Ahmad Odeh

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I am not saying that there isn’t a God, because I know for a fact that there is. What I am saying is that he is a teacher. A master teacher and planner and he knows us better than we know ourselves!

If everyone knew that our soul doesn’t die… Could you imagine how many people, who felt that they hated their lives may decide to just end it all… “Well maybe next time God will place me in a better type of life”, they may think…

Here’s the thing… If you’ve been with me so far and have not stopped reading… Then know this…

As I mentioned before about how strategic God is… He plans our purpose and lessons. As I have told many who I have talked to about this topic, who have been suicidal in the past… You will have to learn these lessons eventually! So why not now.

If you take yourself out of this life and these experiences that you are MEANT to learn… You are just taking yourself out of the game that you have already advanced into (however many years and lessons in that you are).

When you quit the game… You get to start from level one…With the same start and same type of situations strategically outlined for you.

One of my family members walked into the woods one evening, with the goal to end her life. A person who is one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing. Strong, brave and beautiful, but not immune to the harsh lessons that life dishes out at times!

Rifle in hand while walking into the woods… Out from the woods came a porcupine. Having never seen a porcupine before in real life, she stopped in admiration. Sadness still overpowering her, the porcupine looked up at her as it stopped in it’s tracks.

She reflected as she shared this story with me about how a calmness came over her. A calmness that was reassuring and hard to describe.

You see… God works in mysterious ways. God is magic, love and compassion.

God needs all of us in this life learning lessons… Using our soul to guide this avatar. As spirit guides us on our path… Learning, growing and teaching others.

After that experience she returned to her home. She took to Google and learning that the porcupine’s spiritual meaning was a symbolic representation of the current point she was in at that time.

“The porcupine spirit animal is a very interesting animal because of the needle-like barbs that cover its entire body.

The porcupine symbolism teaches you to face your weaknesses and vulnerabilities head-on, and to do what you must to protect yourself from anything or anyone that wishes you harm.

The porcupine may look fierce and intimidating, but it has a very curious and gentle nature.

It finds joy in the little things, and it will inspire you to be happy and content in living life at a much slower but steadier pace.” – (

There is great beauty in struggle, once you have overcome it… Yet, you have to give yourself a chance to do just that… Overcome.

Living, learning, growing, supporting, loving and once your avatar has timed out… You will be faced with answering for your experiences. Faced with the reality of if you lived out your true purpose. Using your avatar as the vehicle but using your soul for the mission.

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