For Feet’s Sake!

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Who knew that simply having feet could land you hundreds of dollars? I wasn’t aware of this fact until just recently when I was sent a message on Facebook asking for photos of my feet!

It was a well thought out message and I could tell that the young man had been doing this awhile. It read something like “Send me pictures of your feet. I will pay $260. Half up front and the remainder once the feet pictures are sent.”

Baffled by this, I felt indifferent. It was right around the holidays and man could I use the money! However, something just did not sit well with me about this. There were so many questions.

What would he be doing with my feet? Why feet? Why me?

I read the message a few times before responding… “$260?” to which he responded “Yes, half up front”. I shrugged before screen shotting my cashapp name and sending it to him! I waited for him to send half up front. While also messaging my friends frantically asking what I should do.

He says he wants pictures of my feet… but currently polish is chipping on most of them and they just aren’t up to par to be sending to anyone… Also, they still were my feet and I was just unsure!

I began to feel Defeeted… Yes I intentionally did that pun on words, before one of my friends agreed to send me photos of her well manicured feet to send to the fellow.

I was back in business! Agreeing to pay her half of the $260 because, heck… They were not really going to be my feet, but I was the one with the offer.

Not even checking to see if he had sent half, I begin to send him numerous feet pics. Then a GIF of a woman with her hand out as if asking for money.

He saw the messages… and then said something even more bizarre than him wanting feet pics.

“Wait, wait, wait… I wanted to model my feet in the position that I wanted you to take the feet pics”… Excuse me?… So, not only do you want feet pics, which at this point felt like sending nudes; but you also want to specify the way in which I position the feet for these pics?!

Stomach turning at the thought of having to witness him modeling his crusty feet in positions that he wanted me to model my own before snapping angles and sending the feet pics his way… Made it feel not worth it.

Again feeling Defeeted I respond with “Ok, $200”. At this point he already had the feet… I just wanted something for them. He read the message and did not respond.

I again sent him the cashapp information… which he read and did not respond.

Angry I messaged and said… “Guess your not willing to pay, I’m glad I didn’t really send MY feet”.

I then see (…) three dots as if he was typing… What happened to the guy who pulled a disappearing act on me after receiving the feet?…”You scammed me” he replies. It was at that moment that I realized that this whole feet business, was a serious thing!

I became caddy “Why feet?” I asked. “I just have a fetish for feet” he responded… Before spewing curse words and calling me everything but a child of God!… For having sent feet that did not belong to me. I then sent a laughing face emoji and responded “Have a good day”.

For me the issue was not so much the fetish as we all have some quirks… Some stranger than others! My issue was the business like way that he went about it, while also being unprofessional.

If you are soliciting my feet for services… Whatever purposes you will be using them for… I expect that you will be a man of your word and pay half up front.

To have the audacity to call me a “scammer” for sending feet that did not belong to me… Yet having not held up his end of the bargain, by paying half up front… Was simply bad business.

Sadly he still had some feet… Some well manicured feet… Not my feet, but still… One’s that he could stare at and use for his own desires and for the effort to find these foot… I Should have been compensated!

(I laugh as I type this whole blog) yet admit that I still feel slighted.

Ladies, if you have one foot… two feet… three… those feet can land you some part time income!

I have learned that it is important to be sure that your feet are displayed at the right angles… Make sure that it is cool in the room where the photos will be taken, so that the feet do not begin to sweat. The lighting should be somewhat dim… But not too dim!

Perhaps wear a sock, but roll it down half way. Leave a little for the imagination, for God’s sake!

Do not agree to send your whole foot! until half is paid up front.

Then… last but not least! If you plan to go into the business of modeling and selling your feet, be sure to use your actual feet.

You wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, by doing otherwise!

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