Home wreckers EXPOSED!!!

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Aisha Washington

How dare she come into my home and disturb the peace that I had built for so many years, I thought.

Life as the center of attention, felt beautiful. There was bliss… There was happiness… and there was no question that my needs would be met, as I was the only one.

The day that she came home with a baby in her arms… My whole world turned upside down. “can you take it back”… I asked her in a calm and innocent voice… With wide eyes she just looked at me and said… “No, she is your little sister”.

What is this… This person that my mother calls “my sister”… How did this come to be and why!?

I had seen my mother’s belly growing, but my small toddler brain could not comprehend how my whole life would soon change.

The lack of sleep I would have to endure. The questioning as to if I would still be loved by my parents in the same capacity that they had previously loved me… Now having to share their attention and love with someone else… A baby… A sister!

When Rakia was born I did not know how much I would soon fall in love with her. The same way that my parents had. I could not have fathomed how over protective I would be over her… Then as life went on, that I would not be able to imagine life without her.

My parents named her “Rakia Elon” meaning “precious jewel”… There were days that she acted far from precious, but never steering far from her title as the “jewel”. Growing into a strong, hard working and assertive young lady, that I am proud to know.

Homewrecker #2

When I was ten years old, another little homewrecker was born! My father and step mother named her Shayla. Shayla meaning “from the fairy palace” or “question” if referring to the biblical meaning.

At that point, I did not feel as slighted as I had felt having to adjust to a newborn and just being a toddler at the time. Now I was a big girl! and doted over my little sister as if she was my own.

I enjoyed doing her hair and found humor in her attempts to imitate things that I would do. When I became a teen and began to wear mascara and other beauty enhancers, Shayla would find her way into my hair and beauty supplies and dress up as she saw me do.

Siblings can sometimes seem like they are intruding on the world that you knew before them… When in reality, without them life simply would not be the same.

I am the oldest of six children total!

My father and step mother often joke about wanting to have ten children… Well, I think they are no longer able to bare children… and thankfully, because what some parents fail to realize, is that the oldest often also becomes a parent.

A secondary parent… One that holds no financial responsibility, but is looked up to and held at high regard.

My siblings know that they can come to me about anything!… And as we have gotten older, they also are a peaceful place of solace in times of need.

I NEVER have to question it… They are always there when I need them and for that I am blessed.

Is everything always sugar and spice and everything nice?… Absolutely not!

There are times when I would like to string my sisters up by their feet to the nearest tree and whoop their asses!… I am sure that they feel the same about me… That’s sibling life.

Yet one thing that will not change is the love that we have for one another.

The having each other’s backs when times get tough.

My sisters may fight with me and get on my last nerve… trust me they have pressed every button! and one’s that I also had no clue, even existed!!!

But, I would never tell them anything wrong and I would never intentionally hurt them.

Eventually and unfortunately my parents will grow old… One day they will even leave us to journey on to greener pastures in the sky…

I find comfort in knowing that despite this… I have my siblings.

For those of you who have siblings… Cherish this bond.

They may make you angry… They may drive you to want to pluck every hair from your head.. or theirs!

Do not allow trivial disputes to impede on the fact that you are siblings… and this is a bond not just made by blood, but made in the connection that you share.

To my sisters: Victoria, Rakia and Shayla… I love you to the moon and beyond!

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