The Spiritual Being in the Physical Experience

What if I told you that you are a spirit living a physical existence and not the other way around. That the true nature of who you are is a spirit… A soul. Would you believe me?

If you are struggling to say yes to this question, let’s consider some facts.

There is this thing called Universal Consciousness. A collection of thoughts that we are all a part of. A knowing… An enlightenment.

Some of us choose to tap into it and some of us do not. When you are a spiritual being living in the world, you are surrounded by things that you are taught through society, through relationships, through religion and through your upbringing.

These things can sometimes cloud the true nature of what life on earth is supposed to be like. Causing undo stress from roles we feel we are supposed to play daily.

Now, I’m not telling you to run off and become a hippie and live amongst nature… Although nature also, is a part of who we are in spirit; due to all living things having a soul and consciousness.

In the Quran there is a story about ants. I love referencing the Quran, because unlike the bible (I am Christian) but have read the Bible and Quran in their entirety. So unlike the bible the Quran references our connection with nature. It discusses at length finding beauty around you at all times and appreciating it.

The story of the ants describes a worker ant telling the rest of the ant tribe to enter their homes, so not to be crushed by Solomon’s army while they walked through. The ant hearing Solomon’s army approach closer, feared that all the other ants who had not had time to go underground would be crushed, and began to pray to God.

God hearing the ant’s plea, spoke to Solomon asking that he halt his army. Solomon hearing God’s cue, stopped until God encouraged him to go forth.

“Subhan Allah” is a term that God encourages us to use when we are in appreciation of his beautiful work. Again, I am a Christian but have been blessed to have read the Quran as an attempt to understand God better and to become closer to him in this journey we call life.

When you see dusk turn to dawn, a full moon overhead, the ocean or any other beautiful art that God has created, you are encouraged to say “Subhan Allah” in order to show appreciation for how he created this life and all it’s beauty.

This saying literally means “Glory be to God”.

Many spiritual people know and understand the power of other living things, such as trees. Trees being a huge source of oxygen and the main reason why we are able to breathe!

The Bible references trees in all their splendor. Other cultures such as the kabbalist’s recognize the fifteenth of the month of Aquarius, the day known as “Tu B’Shevat” the birthday of the trees.

Now, what about humans!?… Well if you have not read my blog “The Human Avatar: What Religion Doesn’t want you to know” yet… I strongly encourage you to. It gives what I would call lesson one to what I am about to describe.

Our soul’s can do many things… Use our body as vehicles to go through this life. This life being the physical experience and our soul’s being the driver. The soul being on the mission and our body being the tool used to accomplish the mission.

Still with me?

If so! There’s more…

Our souls have the ability to come and go from our bodies, and they do so when they please. The most common time being when we are sleeping. They have the ability to travel for a brief stay in heaven, until it is time to return to us.

Other times that the soul leaves us is when their is a scare of death or near death experience.

We all know the story about Christ and how he was crucified on the cross? Well, did you know that Jesus’s soul was not present during the crucifixion? God being the almighty that he is, raised Jesus’s soul from his body so that he would not endure the crucifixion.

Soul travel… As we are not our bodies… We are our soul’s.

It was 2001 and I was standing outside of the apartment building that I lived in, when a man with a gun began shooting. Fortunate for me, the guy was not shooting at me, but instead at the guy who was standing beside me.

None the less this was a terrifying experience…

I feared for my life as bullets flew by me in all directions, barely grazing me as something even more terrifying then that occurred!

For a brief moment everything went black… I had not been shot, but as a response to this fear that I would die, I left… My body.

This is what I believe happened to me as I don’t recall seeing anything for several seconds and was only broken out of this moment when someone came and caught me before I fell to the ground (fainted).

I did not remember those few seconds of bullets going by, after the initial threat. I did not see the guy standing behind me who had begun running.

I did not feel my self going faint… All I saw was everything go black and then moments later being returned to my normal state… Looking behind me, seeing the guy with the gun chasing the guy who was standing beside me down the street… At this point, almost a block away!

I frantically ran inside to try and collect my bearings… Sitting on the couch in an attempt to try and make sense of what others were telling me… That I began to faint, almost hitting the ground.

Psychologist’s will tell you that this phenomena was (fight, flight or freeze) and that my response was that of fear which caused me to freeze…

I took psychology in school, gaining a bachelors degree in it and this was not what that was! It was literally an out of body experience where my soul had briefly left me to prevent the shock of feeling the blunt force of bullets.

I would later in life experience other similar experiences with my soul leaving me, but these were pleasant and only in the presence of my twin. (That’s for a whole other story) and if interested you can find it on Amazon/Kindle (Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story).

Are you still following?

If so, Great!

So what of Ghost’s and paranormal experiences?… Many people have had experiences with coming into contact with a ghost before. That image of a person that you can see out of the corner of your eye, then “poof” their gone!…

Well, that is a spirit… A soul… Not attached to a body.

Even more intriguing than that! Is the fact that our soul’s have this “knowing”. Some call it intuition, some call it psychic connection… In reality it is that and much more!

Deja Vu’ being one of those things that our soul’s are able to do. As soul’s do not know time. They know our stories as they are written and the path that we are supposed to be on (although we have free will). Our soul’s like to send us little cues when we are in the right place at the right time.

“I’ve seen this before!”… If this has happened to you. Congratulations, you are in tune with your soul.

Found on Amazon/ Kindle

So how will knowing this benefit me?

Well, since you asked…

* Try to start becoming more in tune with your true self (your soul).

* Meditation helps… Prayer helps… Not to mention it gets us closer to God (source).

Let your soul take the lead… You are your soul… You are not your body… Listen to your intuition (It is the voice of your soul). Follow it… It is the divine part of you… The part of you that is connected to others, to nature, to God.

  • Once you have become in tune with your true self… Things start to fall into place. Many call this your “divine purpose”… I challenge you… To get to know the real you!


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