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Hey there!

If you have come across this page, well… lucky you!

In this blog you will learn some tips to make fast cash part time… Essentially working smarter not harder! Earning you fast cash.. paying off debt… saving and investing.

Doing all of this, by simply doing what you love!

Last year for fun I wrote a book (Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story) Found on Amazon/Kindle.

After having several people tell me how much they enjoyed it, I sought to get it published and it has been doing extremely well ever since.

So in my endeavors to try and promote myself and market my book (as I self published) taking out the middle man and allowing me to keep most of the book profit… That would also mean that I would not have a big name company marketing for me… I would need to do it myself.

This was probably the best decision I could have ever made and I will share why…

Profits from pennies…

Pennies add up… Dollars add up… Get me?

You may not want to spend a lot of time collecting pennies and you don’t have to. You simply just need a plan that can work in your favor.

So after writing my book… I found several people in my inbox asking me to write their books for them… Most people have a story to tell, but simply do not like writing… Well, I ended up making a part time income from doing just that.

My love for writing allowed me to be able to make a profit from writing for others. Earning $100 an hour, which in comparison may seem like chump change for some ghost writers… But guess what!?… It’s a very welcomed start.

So instead of taking that money and blowing it on food, clothes, shoes or any frivolous things that would not earn me an additional profit… I invested in myself with all the money earned.

I saved most, but also used some to further promote my book. I paid money for an annual membership on WordPress so that I could write blogs to share my story, promote my book and my ghost writing business.

I began gaining attention from those who are in media… Being asked to interview about my book and experience in the mental health field… Please note that before I began being sought out… I was doing the seeking!

I would go online and look up different media outlets. I asked friends to share my business page to their list of friends. Facebooks new feature that was launched in 2019 helps tremendously, as friends and family can go to your page… Scroll to the right, press community, then press “Invite friends”… It will then invite all of their friends, to YOUR page!… Pretty awesome right?

I thought so too!

This allowed my following to increase by the thousands. Then I continued to promote my book and services as a ghost writer… Averaging about two clients a week. Some long standing as it takes time to write a well written book.

Then… guess what? When you do an awesome job… People talk about it… People share their experience with you and ultimately, others come flocking to see how you can be of assistance to them.

I am not asking you to become a ghost writer…. I enjoy doing it, that is why I do it well… It is my passion.

I am saying that this is an example of how to take a small thought and build it into an empire!

For me it started with the love of writing… Then a story that I felt worthy of sharing… publishing it… Having others want help to write and publish… Then vwahlah! I was in business… Literally!

In a matter of two months I was getting steady part time work that was earning me almost as much as I earn at my full time job! and I can tell you that profits will only be increasing from here!

It starts with an idea… A dream… A goal… Then fueled by the willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish it!

Published by Lee's Mirror

Author of the Urban Garden series (If you enjoy romantic thrills, YA and magical realism) You will love my first book. You can find the link below to some platforms that it is posted to. I am growing as a new author and would appreciate any honest feedback in regards to your thoughts on my book. So far I have received all Five stars from the many readers who have taken the time to read my book and enjoy the positive feedback regarding how my book changed their perspective and kept them reading page after page with no desire to put my book down. I hope you will share in this experience and I hope to hear from you soon.

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