Black History Month: Let’s not forget!

With the news of the Pending Trump impeachment determination…

The news of Kobe Bryant and GiGi Bryant’s untimely death and all of the emotions that followed and still plague us. This amongst a number of other recent tragedies and concerns to include but not limited to: Talks of pending WW3… Doom… Gloom… and then we as a people… Left to feel subconsciously unnerved, angst and depressed with the lack of good news, amongst all of the news.

I admittedly am the type of person, who once watched the news… Yet, no longer do! Deciding years ago, that the lack of good news was enough of a deterrent from me watching the news… Figuring that anything I needed to know, would be informed to me through conversations at work, with friends or family about anything that is of dire concern.

Which brings me to my next point… There is consequently, no escaping the BAD news that infests the news and media of today… Yet, hearing it second hand takes some of the initial stress from the news and so for those who watch the news and relay to myself and others like me about what are the current happenings… For that, I thank you!

It is February 4th and I literally have not seen NOT one post about black history month… From ANYONE… From No ONE.

This Saddens me deeply. SO… Let me be the first. This article will be to highlight the resilience and strength of modern day African Americans. In the hopes that as a whole we will take this month to remember our history, honor our ancestors and do a little more good this month… As we recall, where we are… Where we’ve been and go forth with optimism about where we are going.

In 2019 All three major US beauty pageant titles were given to Black Women… FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!… Miss Teen USA, Miss America and Miss USA.

In Football, Fritz Pollard broke down barriers and became NFL’s first African American Head Coach. There were also a number of firsts that I saw online regarding African Americans making strides in healthcare, education and other career ventures.

Yet! Let us also not forget… 2018-2019’s rise of the Freedom Fighters

Freedom fighters around the globe commemorate July 13 as the day that three Black women helped gave birth to a movement. In the five short years since #Black LivesMatter arrived on the scene — thanks to the creative genius of Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometti — the push for Black liberation from state-inflicted violence has evolved into one of the most influential social movements of the post-civil rights era. (How Black Lives Matter Changed the Way Americans Fight).

Black Lives Matter has always been more of a human rights movement rather than a civil rights movement. BLM’s focus has been less about changing specific laws and more about fighting for a fundamental reordering of society wherein Black lives are free from systematic dehumanization. Still, the movement’s measurable impact on the political and legal landscape is undeniable. 

I recall the uproar and hashtags that fought against a seemingly positive movement, where some others would post #Alllivesmatter… Completely missing the point, until a young lady who could speak on it as a representative, similar in physical features as those who were outraged by the movement explained it in these terms… “Black Lives Matter, too”… That is all the movement was ever saying, and screaming it loudly in desperation to be heard and felt.

I hope that I will soon see posts about our history, that I usually see each year… I hope that reading the articles and stories and seeing the images of those who made a difference will warm your hearts.

There is a very different life and a very different reality that we could have been in, had it NOT been for every sacrifice that was made. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Harriet Tubman. From Frederick McKinley Jones (Refrigerated truck) to Garrett Morgan (Traffic Light). From Lewis Latimer (Carbon lightbulb creator) to Dr. James E. West (Microphone). To name a few.

My goal was to highlight a few. Well known and no so well known. All being influential in their own right and more than worthy of being remembered.

Then there is you…

A potential influencer, inventor, leader… A possible number one spot for you… The first… The ability to do and be anything that you put your mind too… If you believe in yourself enough to put forth the effort.

Considering the barriers your ancestors before you have faced… And choosing to honor those memories and do more… and be, more… Helping others, loving others and ultimately changing others through your kindness, wisdom and generosity.

I challenge everyone who reads this to look up someone from the past who has sought to achieve or has achieved in your current area of expertise… Your desired area of expertise and.. Push to achieve more than they had.

If you find that no one has… THEN BE THE FIRST.

Peace, Love and be blessed.

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