Black History Month: Let’s not forget!

With the news of the Pending Trump impeachment determination… The news of Kobe Bryant and GiGi Bryant’s untimely death and all of the emotions that followed and still plague us. This amongst a number of other recent tragedies and concerns to include but not limited to: Talks of pending WW3… Doom… Gloom… and then weContinue reading “Black History Month: Let’s not forget!”

What it is really like to travel to EGYPT

Have you ever wanted to travel to Egypt? If you have stumbled across this site, then you probably are curious about what it is really like to visit Egypt. This may be one of your dream destinations and I can tell you that it is worth visiting, at least once in your lifetime. So whatContinue reading “What it is really like to travel to EGYPT”

Looming Apocalypse: Why you shouldn’t give a DAMN!

Rumors of war! Fires spreading triumphantly across lands all over the world! A White House, that seems to be more like a sitcom made from hell and then… US… Powerlessly watching while things fall to Shit. Excuse my language, but that; is to me… The reality of the times we are living in. If youContinue reading “Looming Apocalypse: Why you shouldn’t give a DAMN!”

Penny Pinching Pauly!!!

Hey there! If you have come across this page, well… lucky you! In this blog you will learn some tips to make fast cash part time… Essentially working smarter not harder! Earning you fast cash.. paying off debt… saving and investing. Doing all of this, by simply doing what you love! Last year for funContinue reading “Penny Pinching Pauly!!!”

Proactive Parenting

Being a parent is not easy and it is not meant to be easy, however there ARE things that you can do to ensure that it will get easier with time. In order to do this… You have to ask what is the desired outcome of this parenting experience? What do you want to getContinue reading “Proactive Parenting”

Home wreckers EXPOSED!!!

How dare she come into my home and disturb the peace that I had built for so many years, I thought. Life as the center of attention, felt beautiful. There was bliss… There was happiness… and there was no question that my needs would be met, as I was the only one. The day thatContinue reading “Home wreckers EXPOSED!!!”

The Spiritual Being in the Physical Experience

What if I told you that you are a spirit living a physical existence and not the other way around. That the true nature of who you are is a spirit… A soul. Would you believe me? If you are struggling to say yes to this question, let’s consider some facts. There is this thingContinue reading “The Spiritual Being in the Physical Experience”

For Feet’s Sake!

Who knew that simply having feet could land you hundreds of dollars? I wasn’t aware of this fact until just recently when I was sent a message on Facebook asking for photos of my feet! It was a well thought out message and I could tell that the young man had been doing this awhile.Continue reading “For Feet’s Sake!”


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