The Human Avatar: What Religion doesnt want you to know

What if I told you that what you believe yourself to be is just an avatar. That your body which also includes your mind is a vehicle. Your mind being the engine and your body being the car… So who is driving? There are so many components to the human experience. It takes a greatContinue reading “The Human Avatar: What Religion doesnt want you to know”

In the Trenches: Twin Flames Exposed

Are You Twinning? Have you found your twin flame? As a desperate attempt to make sense of the twin flame phenomenon, I frantically went to google and typed in the following “Psychic connection to someone” and “The ability to read someone’s mind”. Feeling completely insane as I typed this… I was pleasantly surprised to findContinue reading “In the Trenches: Twin Flames Exposed”

Status and Suitors

Why men are not just looking for a pretty girl… They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This holds some, but little truth. The reality is that most people will agree on who they physically find appealing, based on looks alone. However the part that differs is the way in whichContinue reading “Status and Suitors”

My First Blog Post

I woke up in a garden, located amongst the clouds… As time went on, like crops springing from the ground; children began to form all throughout the garden. Without a care we continued to lay there in love… Until the whole garden was full of children… (Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story)- Aisha J. WashingtonContinue reading “My First Blog Post”

Who is the author of The Beautiful Life

The Author of Urban Garden: A Twin Flame Story, A mother, a writer, editor, mental health professional and empath. My love of people and the desire to share what I learned from psychology, spirituality and my own experiences led me to write blogs that could inspire, heal and empower readers. The demon that is mentalContinue reading “Who is the author of The Beautiful Life”